Hi, I'm Emanuel Gómez Miranda.
I get visual shit done.

Video · Animation · Photography · Visual Design

I’m a multidisciplinary designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, specialized in video production and visual design.

My passion is to capture and create either static or moving images, in order to help others say something in a creative and effective way.

What I love the most about my work is being part of the entire process of design: planning, developing, executing and observing results.

I consider myself as a curious person who was lucky to grow up doing what I love.

It's been 5 years since I graduated as a Multimedia Designer and I've been working with lots of different clients ever since.

Thanks for visiting my portfolio.

Here's some of my latest work

Casa Rosada

I'm part of the Digital Communication team from Presidencia de la Nación Argentina.

Since 2012 I've been creating audiovisual content for the government's digital channels and social media.

Behance Portfolio Reviews

Video and photography for the Behance Portfolio Reviews events organized in Buenos Aires by Pulmón during 2014.

Both film and animation were used to make the teasers and a final video recap of the event.

Creative Mornings

One of the most satisfying projects I've worked on.

I was part of the entire process (scripting, filming and editing) while making Pulmón's video application for Creative Mornings in Buenos Aires.

I also get to make the teasers and coverage of the events.

La Cuestión Penal

Animation and video postproduction for an 8-episode TV documentary about penal law and criminology.

The show was on aired during 2014 in Canal Encuentro (Argentina)

Telesur Infographics

Visual design and animation for the Venezuelan news network TeleSUR.

The final works included interactive infographics for web (credits to Playwebs for the programming) and animated infographics for tv.

Please check my Behance portfolio for more details on these and new works.

I live in the beautiful Buenos Aires

If you're interested in contact me, please send an email.
I'll answer as soon as possible!